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I am delighted to welcome you to Cravenwood Primary Academy. We are an academy that caters for children aged 3 to 11.

We aim to prepare our learners for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life through a balanced, high-quality education in a caring and stimulating environment where our school family is learning and achieving together.

Our school family is a place where every person is recognised as an individual, where voices are encouraged to be heard and ideas developed.

We are proud to be part of United Learning, a national group of academies and independent schools that aims to bring out ‘the best in everyone’. Our school shares this belief that every child can thrive given the right teaching and support.

We hope you find our website helpful both in planning events for your family and learning more about us. If you would like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs J Garratt-Simpson
Head Teacher

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If you need to contact someone with a safeguarding concern during any period of school closure, here are the contact details.  

Our Safeguarding Team are available on: 0161 795 3380 /  safeguarding@cravenwoodprimary.org.uk

If you have safeguarding concerns about a child during any period of school closure, you could also contact: 

Salford children's services: https://www.salford.gov.uk/children-and-families/safeguarding-children/worried-about-a-child/  0161 603 4500

Manchester children's services: mcsreply@manchester.gov.uk 0161 234 5001


Ensuring our children are safe is our key responsibility. We work as a team to develop children's awareness and understanding of being safe. Our safeguarding lead teachers are:  Mr Keech, Mrs Irshad, Ms Hirst and Miss Hall. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of a child in school or in the community you can speak with Mr Keech, Mrs Irshad, Ms Hirst, Miss Hall or any other member of the school team you feel most comfortable discussing the matter with. You can also speak to the safeguarding lead teachers if you have any concerns regarding unsafe online behaviour. 

School Opening Hours

School opening hours are: 8:50am - 3:15pm. Children will be supervised during these times only.

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