Phonics at Cravenwood Primary Academy

At Cravenwood Primary Academy, all children learn Phonics through Read Write Inc. everyday until they can read with confidence, fluency and expression. The programme focuses on teaching sounds and the letters than represent them. This skill is essential for children to read and spell words accurately.

The Read Write Inc. programme is structured into three sets:

Set One - mainly teaches single sounds to the children and the letters that represent them. Children then have numerous opportunities to apply this skill to reading and writing words containing the taught sound.

Set Two - moves onto different variations of the simple sound, e.g. 'ph'. Children are still given numerous opportunities to read and write these taught sounds.

The compulsory 'Phonic Screening' test is for all children in Year 1 and any children who have previously missed the test or need to repeat it. The test is normally carried out at the start of June and you will be informed of the result in the end of year report.

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