Cravenwood Primary Academy Curriculum

Through explicit teaching of knowledge and skills, we intend for our curriculum to help pupils become successful independent learners, who have cultural awareness and a strong sense of the world around them.


·         Our curriculum is taught with the intention of moving learning to the long-term memory.

·         Our aims are to ensure that pupils experience a wide breadth of study, to help them gain a sense of cultural capital and are able to think about concepts at a deeper level by the end of each Key Stage.

 We use the following curriculum drivers to shape our curriculum breadth. These are taken from the consideration of our pupils’ community and background; our school values and our values of a high-quality education:


At Craven wood, we have used evidence from cognitive science to form our curriculum design:

·         Interleaving and spacing – learning is most effective with spaced repetition; interleaving enables pupils to make connections between topics and supports moving learning from the short-term memory to long-term memory.

·         Retrieval – a part of Rosen shine’s Principles of Instruction, the retrieval of previously learned content is frequent, which increases learning capacity and aids the process of the moving learning to the long-term memory.

·         Rosen shine’s Principles of Instruction:


We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following:

Pop Quizzes – taken regularly and often repeated to ensure understanding of concepts and that learning is stored in the long-term memory.

Comparative judgement - through termly monitoring between year groups to establish mastery and understanding at greater depth.

Pupil voice –
discussions with pupils about learning.

Probabilistic assessment (based on deliberate practice) – evaluating whether practice is appropriate and related to our goals. 




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