Why Choose Us

At Cravenwood Primary Academy, you can expect to find:

  • Happy children who are engaged in their learning and always strive to be the best;
  • Friendly, welcoming and proactive staff;
  • Regular meetings and workshops for parents to discover and learn how they can best support their child’s learning;
  • Rigorous and robust systems to track pupil progress that ensure no child is allowed to fall behind and that our most able pupils are stretched and challenged;
  • A meaningful commitment to safeguarding all children within our academy;
  • Links with outstanding academies and independent schools within United Learning;
  • Continuous professional development for all staff to drive forward effective and inspiring teaching and learning;
  • Adaptable and reflective practice to bring out ‘the best in everyone’;
  • Effective communication with parents;
  • A commitment to providing a platform for learning outside of our timetable including after-school clubs, and first-hand experience including visits and residential trips.

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