Ensuring our children are safe is our key responsibility. We work as a team to develop children's awareness and understanding of being safe. Our safeguarding lead teachers are:  Mr Keech, Mrs Irshad and Ms Hirst. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of a child in school or in the community you can speak with Mr Keech, Mrs Irshad, Ms Hirst or any other member of the school team you feel most comfortable discussing the matter with. Miss Turner is our e-safety lead. You can speak to her if you have any concerns regarding unsafe online behaviour.
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Internet Safety

It is very important that everyone stays safe whilst online. The internet is a great place to learn and communicate with other people. If you have any concerns about anything online please speak to a relative or teacher. We have provided a link to the CEOP site on our school website, it is packed full of information for children and parents / carers.

Miss Turner 

E-Safety Lead 

Please find below some useful information provided by ParentInfo from CEOP and the Parent Zone.

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