Cravenwood Primary Academy Curriculum

Through explicit teaching of knowledge and skills, our curriculum helps pupils to become successful independent learners, who have cultural awareness and a strong sense of the world around them


·         Knowledge and skills are the focus of our planning and teaching - Themes and opportunities are the vehicle in which we teach the skills

·         Specific knowledge is decided by the teachers that we want the children to leave us knowing and are able to recall. We want the children to have a sense of cultural capital.

·         Vocabulary is the driver for cultural capital.

Pedagogy for the Wider Curriculum



Knowledge Organiser
Planning Booklet

Concept Map

PoP Quiz (proof of progress)

Concept Map
The concept map needs to be updated every week. Concept maps should have driving question in the middle, so that the concept map becomes a source document for the final task.

 PoP Quiz 

Questions to be planned by the teachers with clarity of what is the key learning in this unit that needs to be remembered or practiced.

Many different types of product questions, multiple choice, matching, ordering, define, single answer questions, tick box, labelling, rather than more open process questions. The children also have the opportunity to ask a question that they would like to find the answer to – which should be incorporated into planning. The PoP Quiz ends with the driving question and the answer to the question the children came up with.

Beginning of the unit, are there any questions I can answer?

End of the unit expectation that can answer all questions correctly.

Knowledge Organisers

To give an overview, context, and be a recall aid. Contains basic facts, vocabulary, so that children can pre-read and also refer to and add to.

Developing for each subject area.

During lessons, there is an explicit process of model, co construct, guided practice and independent practice.

Skills like notetaking, writing up notes, justifying, relevance of sources, what to discard, analysing a source, comparing sources, viewpoints etc to be explicitly taught throughout a unit of work.

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